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This means you lose the layer information, as usual, and cannot save the file in its original format. Affinity Designer is a powerful and popular piece of software with an impressive feature list. It could be a good option for anyone looking to transition away from Illustrator.

How to Receive and Use Files from Any Source

Affinity Designer Free trial available. You get AI support either way. The software works with native AI files made with Illustrator versions up to and including CS6, or with PDF-enabled files made in more recent versions. The main option to consider here is whether to have text rendered as text which makes it editable but may lose some effects , or as curves. When you have finished editing the Illustrator file you can export it back to the AI format. Corel also makes Paint Shop Pro , the Photoshop alternative. This app can open and save AI files natively, but is generally less suitable for vector graphics work.

Working with Adobe Shape & Adobe Illustrator Draw

Sketch is a Mac-only design suite that is becoming increasingly popular among professional users. The program has limited native support for Illustrator files. You can open them as you would any other file, but they will only be displayed as a single flattened layer.

This is the equivalent of opening it in Photoshop, and means the image is not editable.

How to Open Any File on iOS

Select the file on your computer and add. Drag it into Sketch to get an editable image. Your results here may depend on the complexity of the file, however.

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Since you cannot save files in the AI format this also represents the best way of ensuring your edited file can be reopened in Illustrator in future. Sketch Free trial available. Opening any proprietary file outside of the app for which it was intended can produce mixed results. But support for AI files is generally pretty good. By definition, these cannot work elsewhere. For most files, however, you should be okay, and the standard of both free and affordable graphic design and vector image software is very high.

Read More , take a look at these free options:. Explore more about: Adobe Illustrator ,. How do I link my Dropbox account from the Adobe Acrobat app? Is offline editing supported on mobile? How does Dropbox work with Adobe Creative Cloud? Download Adobe Acrobat to your computer and open the application. From the Home tab, click Add Account in the left-hand navigation bar. Click Add underneath the Dropbox icon. Sign in to your Dropbox account to connect it. If you paired personal and work accounts, select which account you'd like to connect.

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Your Dropbox account will appear in the left-hand navigation bar. On our mobile apps, the Edit icon in the Dropbox app will be an option for. Show instructions for: Android To link your Dropbox account: Open the Adobe Acrobat app. Tap Dropbox in the top menu bar. Tap Add Your Account. You'll be directed to the Dropbox app to sign in to your Dropbox account. Tap the Recents menu at the top. Tap Dropbox.

Preview Adobe Illustrator files on your iPhone, no app required.

Tap Allow next to the Dropbox account listed if you are already signed in to the Dropbox app. Or, to link a new Dropbox account, sign in with your credentials. Page 1. Page 1 of 2: Page 1 Page 1 Page 2. Open from AirDrop If someone shares a file over AirDrop, you first get a notification asking if you want to receive the file.

Download Web Files If someone sends you a link to a file hosted online, you can often open it with the right kind of app. How to Work with any File Format 1. Page 1 Next Page Page 2.