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Each collection is further divided into two grades of tones, Meeting and Active. I purchased these collections before they became free.

Top 10 Best Ringtone Apps for iPhone

Thank You. A old style Modem tone-burst. I tried the first one Zedge. A search for Modem turned up half a dozen or so of various lengths. Picked the best sounding two. Then came the work. To do so, take the sound file and drag and drop it over to your iTunes window. The file will automatically import, ready to begin the text tone process.

Text tones are meant to be as short as possible — most of us don't want ringtone-length alerts playing every time we receive a text! As such, if you want to use a small portion of a song as your text tone, you won't just want to upload the entire thing as a text tone. To help us here, iTunes allows you to set time parameters for songs — this gives you control over what portion of a song is able to play.

While iOS supports tones as long as 40 seconds, for text tones, you might want to keep this parameter down to as little as one second.

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  6. This is totally up to you, and you can repeat the process to experiment with as many time frames as you'd like. On this info page, click "Options.

    The Tool You’ll Need – AnyTrans for iOS

    Here, you can enter the start time for your text tone, as well as the end time. If you're choosing any start or stop time other than the beginning or end of the song, make sure both checkboxes are marked. Leaving the start box unchecked will start the song at the beginning, and the stop box will let the song continue to the end, regardless of the time you've entered here. Once your song or sound file is just the way you'd like it to be, you'll need to convert it to AAC, a file type with a higher-quality compression than MP3 but at the same bit rate.

    In short, it's a better file type and the kind you need in order to make a tone. However, you won't just be converting your file to AAC, you'll be making a copy, so you'll see two files in iTunes.

    15 Apps To Download (Free) iPhone Alert Tones & Ringtones

    If you're using a song with time parameters, your new copy will only be as long as your time limits. Instead of the full-length song, you'll see a new track listed at only one or two seconds or however long you set the track to be. To begin converting, click "File" on the menu bar, then "Convert. Don't worry, the original file will remain untouched. You can delete that one from iTunes if you want or remove the start and stop times.

    Transfer Ringtones to iPhone for Free!

    If "Create AAC Version" doesn't show up as an option for you, your conversion settings are probably set differently than what they need to be. To change the settings, click "Preferences" in the menu bar, then click "Import Settings" in "General. Try converting the song now. Just make sure you have the option to convert to AAC.

    If using a song connected to an album, your AAC file should nestle itself directly underneath the original song. Random sound files, however, might make a duplicate outside of the original album. Just click "Recently Added" to make sure you're looking at the copied file.

    How to Make Custom Text Tones for Your iPhone Using iTunes « iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

    Before wrapping up here, make sure to go back to your original song file and reset the time parameters. Download cool notification tones for free now! Hearing one and the same notification sound over and over becomes dull after a while, especially if you belong to popular social circles and get bombed with diverse notifications ringtones day and night. Notification Sounds app with ringtones for Samsung Galaxy S5, Nexus 5, HTC One and other phones takes you into the world of fun cool sounds which will suit your every mood and make you smile whenever an alert pops up on your phone.

    With this sounds app, you can set a different sound for your text messages, social media notifications and any other alert of a kind.

    Make Free iPhone Ringtones: Set Any Song as Ringtone/Text Sound (NO COMPUTER - iOS 11)

    Best notification sounds offer a variety of good sounds to choose from so that you know exactly what to expect when you hear any of your notification ringtones. Use funny sounds for your text message tones or find sounds that will fit your email notification sounds.

    If your phone is set to notify you of every change that happens with other apps you're connected to, Notification Sounds app will make sure you don't get tired of hearing the same boring sound all day long. Don't waste your time on dull sounds which make all the news and SMS notification sounds same old rather than fun alerts. Notification Sounds Features: You can delete existing alarm and create new one. To set widget: Legal info: Please report any bugs to jancicdjordje84 gmail.