Phonegap ios barcode scanner example

I install the plugin with the following command: I see from shell the plugin is download and installed.

But when I click on button that trigger the following example code:. Please help give some hints or guidance on how to successfully use the plugin?

Cordova (PhoneGap) BarCode Scanner Example

Please help, thanks. I think this could very well be a version mismatch between the barcode scanner plugin and the cordova-andoid version. Meteor are updated.

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The plugin I take the latest version. What else could be wrong? Please advice, thanks.

Ionic QR Code Generator & Reader

In your original post you stated you were using cordova: To make sure everything is up to date, type this command in the terminal or Node command line. As usual, we start tutorial from scratch or from zero.

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In the terminal or Node command line type this command to create a new Ionic 3 and Angular 4 app. Make sure you are in your projects folder.

If found you see the product price and details below the scan button. That it's, please leave your comment, suggestion or critics below. You can find the working source code on our GitHub.

Barcode Scanner - Ionic Documentation

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