Samsung galaxy s4 operating instructions

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Download Samsung Galaxy S4 User Manual (User Guide, English):

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Has your phone turned itself into a blaring death horn? You can disable emergency alerts like this. There are a few reasons you might want to disable location services on your camera, including saving battery power, or more importantly, protecting your family. You can enable this productivity-friendly feature by toggling it to on in the Quick Settings menu and activate it by holding down the Android Back button and dragging the appropriate icons onto the screen.

Download Samsung Galaxy S4 Handbook (English)

If you keep your S4 stuffed in your pocket all day, chances are you're going to miss a call on occasion. Want to control your TV with your smartphone? But before you can use the feature, you'll have to follow the app's setup process, which asks you for your cable provider, cable box brand and TV brand. Samsung also allows you to add a favorite apps widget for quick access to your 12 favorite apps without unlocking your phone.

How to download Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Manual

Need to access your camera app, but don't want to have to wait to unlock your S4 to open the app? You can set the camera and up to four other apps as app shortcuts on the S4's lock screen in the Lock Screen submenu of My Device settings.

Samsung has made significant improvements to its Smart Screen functionality for the Galaxy S4, adding a new Smart Scroll feature that automatically scrolls down a Web page when you move your eyes down the screen. To enable this setting, simply open the Smart Screen menu and toggle the Smart Scroll option to on. The Galaxy S4, like many new smartphones, includes a variety of gesture controls that let you perform such tasks as waving your hand to answer a call, switching between tabs in the browser or controlling the music player.

Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I User Manual/Guide

Fitness apps are all the rage today, and Samsung jumped on the bandwagon with the Galaxy S4's S Health feature. But before you can use S Health, you'll have to personalize it with your gender, height and weight, and activity profile.

How to Install a Custom ROM on Galaxy S4!

Just fire up the app for the first time and follow the prompts to get started. The Galaxy S4 marks the first time Samsung allows users to access its Air View function without a stylus. Once you've enabled this feature under the Device Settings menu, you can hold your finger over an email in the email widget and be provided with the message's complete heading and text.

With the Galaxy S4's Dual Camera mode, you can shoot photos or videos with the back camera while capturing your reaction on the front-facer.

To use the feature, switch to the Camera app's Dual Camera mode, line up your shot and tap the shutter button. You can also created animated.

Samsung Galaxy S4 User Guide

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