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Version History Here you can find the changelog of AR Defender 2 since it was posted on our website on The latest version is 1.

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See below the changes in each version:. Continue to AR Defender 2. Add a review Tell us your experience with AR Defender 2 1. Luckily this firefly has a special ability to turn lights off and on, and Penumbear has his own unique Continue to app Rating: Featuring beautiful graphics and challenging gameplay, Evil Defenders lets you build and upgrade powerful defensive towers, use special Place the marker on the table Click stars to rate this APP!

Sleep Sounds doPDF. It has a mixture of 3D gun animations, while the camera turns every area or street into a genuine military base. The firing is rather smooth and precise, although it can be a bit sensitive for my taste.

Zombie games are a real hit these days! Can you survive?

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  • AR Defender 1.5.3 APK.

The app lets you fight zombies both in a real environment and a virtual environment. The more creatures you kill, the more you unlock new weapons. You can choose between two modes: So you can still have a great deal of fun shooting the zombies without being killed. Get your shoes on, walk out the door and explore the world around you!

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Here, you must aim your camera at an empty field or area, and it will create an artificial basketball hoop. In order to play the game you must first print the marker. The game is played by swiping the screen to throw the ball and the objective is to make as much points as possible.

It has three different game modes, including a multiplayer mode. It has global leaderboards where you can check your progress and compete with friends, as well as social networks integration. It can also support the retina display. One of the most useful features it has is that it will automatically save your progress when you receive a phone call or when you exit the application.

The visuals and sound are well polished, however they need to make it more challenging in the single player mode. You can earn currency by completing missions while playing with your friends, which you then use to unlock new paintball guns and industrial grade paintball grenade launchers. This game can be played in any surroundings, but it requires a WiFi connection. Then, you must select a game mode by choosing a time limit or unlimited time. After that, the game starts. Hits will make your phone vibrate, while, and this is a very important piece of information for it took me a long time to figure it out, shaking your phone will reload your weapon.

Download AR Defender 2 1.3 for iPhone OS

By holding your phone like you were reading a map, makes the game go into radar mode, so you can better track the shades. I must admit that I had loads of fun playing this with friends at the park. Download and print the Made to Thrill marker. After that you simply put the printed marker on the floor and then you start up the game.

It creates an augmented test-drive track where you can practice your driving skills.

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The controls are simple and easy to use and in no time at all you will be the master of the track. It has good graphics, great control and if you are a fan of the genre, then this is a must have game. You can also surf to the above mentioned web site in order to find out how to make your Toyota 86 AR films and upload them on Youtube.

It can be played in two separate modes depending on your position. If you are standing then the game is a degrees shoot them up, while in a sitting position it shifts to a degrees, in a defend your base mode.

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Zombies Everywhere! They added a bit of diversity to the game, by encountering more nasty and powerful zombies the more you manage to survive. For the duration of this game you will come across different types of creatures, from mummies, to undead dogs and many more.

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You will unlock different kinds of weapons as you kill zombies. It requires a WiFi connection and it has two game modes: If the area you choose has buildings, rivers or trees in it, then they will become part of the track. It is a very cool app, where you can make your drone do aerobatics in mid air by simply double tapping your screen. My personal experience with it was amazing. At one time, I even took the chance of flying it by a river but, surprisingly, I had full control over its movements.

You must position your defenses strategically in order to repel attacks and keep the enemy away from your tower. You can play it basically anywhere and you have the option to choose between the augmented reality version and the classic mode.