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Its variety of stage types, intuitive touch controls, and greatly enhanced presentation make it a true standout. But the controls are so much harder on a smaller screen.

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This sounds now that I say it out loud absolutely ridiculous, but it is very hard to cut through dirt? Please make this easier. Also, in my experience, you have to pay a dollar to get past Soap factory.

How to Install Android apps on a Blackberry Playbook

I pretty sure it does this multiple times. Going back to the controls more like levels , some of them are very hard for a smaller and more young child to pass. I know some of them are optional, but you eventually have to have most all of the ducks you earn to unlock gates. But I do love the fact that you have an avatar duck, but I really wish they would apply to the ducks in the levels as well. That would be so cute and so much more exciting, I guess. The mystery or magic? I really enjoy those levels, and hope there are more like them.

Please put into thought everything I suggested! This is a fantastic game for both children and adults. It's challenging, entertaining, and fairly easy to play.

And unlike other games, you don't have to spend real money in order to purchase cheats or power-ups. You can progress on your own skill. It's an enjoyable way to pass the time on a road trip, a lazy afternoon, or when you just need a break and want something mindless to do. The game does have a few issues. For me, it crashes quite frequently. It's a regular occurrence. The game also has these annoying ads and videos that pop-up at random.

I realize that these ads are what gives us all this free content, but they often appear right when you're trying to move from puzzle to puzzle. The Controls class itself is a simple class that essentially holds a number of functions that let me: For the Levels it was simply to set the gold and silver times. For the Orbs , it let me quickly set the position, colour and whether the orb was a goal orb or not.

After that, to set the goal colour necessary to win the level, it was simply a matter of creating the links as normal same logic as playing the game , then using the Controls class to store the colour and save the XML.

That pretty much blows my MochiAds earnings for the year out of the water, so even though the app is free, it's still more than paid for the development of the game. The experience of creating a game for something other than the web was also an added bonus. As a first app, it's not too bad. It's nice to know that my engine stands up nicely on the PlayBook with some small modifications; namely adding a check for ContextMenu.

For the most part, you're fine in terms of what you do, though the first release of Orbs suffered from some pretty horrible speed issues. Once I actually got my PlayBook and I was able to test the thing, what was causing the slowdown was pretty surprising. I thought it'd be the particles, as I'm using a ColorTransform to get the trail effect instead of just clear the Bitmap.

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Doing that on a x Bitmap probably isn't a good idea - and it does have a performance hit, so I used a scaled x one instead - but it wasn't what was killing the app. The final culprit was the simple 3D rotating background that was in the original. I was rotating it slightly using the rotationX and rotationY properties just to give a bit of movement to the background. This destroyed the performance. Perhaps you can play with the window modes - though I'm not sure if the PlayBook supports gpu , but I just removed it and low and behold: When I first started the app, the BlackBerry toolset was on the 0.

They've improved a lot since then, to the point where this is no longer much of a problem, but by Christ, did the original tools make me want to brick my computer.

BlueStacks Cloud Connect for Playbook and Blackberry 10

Take the simulator for instance. As we had no PlayBooks to test our code on, devs making apps had to use the simulator to see how their app would run. Obviously a simulator it no substitute for the real thing, but the 0. Once you got the VM installed the idea was simple: I don't know if anybody got this working first time, but personally I spent about 2 days trying to find the magical combination of CPU's, memory, time left waiting at the splashscreen, clothes to wear, and hats needed to get into the main screen.

The documentation was useless here: Do these posts indicate that it is possible to run Logos 4 on the PB through the Android "sideloading"? Martin J Webster: In theory, yes since how to tutorials look doable.


In practice, personally not know since do not have a Blackberry Playbook. Just read the reponses to this thread, and agree that I think Logos does not want to put the resources on doing this. I been checking periodically to see if they would provide any communication about their plans. I have been using Biblia. With Playbook 2. I can select, cut and paste references from my library into my MSWord file during the week and then later sync my file using Doc to Go. However, Biblia.

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Hope this helps. Every version crashes at startup. See my post here: Converting an Android. We just need some help from Logos to work out why the app isn't launching. Sign in Join Help. Blackberry Playbook Compatible? Page 1 of 1 18 items. Douglas Forum Activity Posted: Fri, Jun 24 Keep Smiling 4 Jesus: Forum Activity Replied: Sat, Jun 25 I haven't looked yet but I was curious if Logos4 would work on the Blackberry Playbook?